Maiti Nepal

Every year thousands of women and children from Nepal are trafficked to India, China and the Gulf States, where they are sexually abused and exploited. Maiti Nepal has been fighting successfully against human trafficking and forced prostitution since 1993. In order to prevent this heinous crime Maiti Nepal runs prevention programmes and operates border control stations. Women and children who have been rescued from prostitution find a new home in the rehabilitation centre of Maiti Nepal, where they receive medical and psychological care, legal support and education to prepare them for an independent and self-determined life.

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Nepal Matri Griha

Nepal Matri Griha has been working in Nepal since 2000 for differently abled and disadvantaged children as they are the most vulnerable and rarely supported adequately. Children from socially challenged families rarely have the chance to get a proper school education and children with disabilities are rarely given adequate care. With an integrative social school and therapy centre Nepal Matri Griha takes care of these children, supports them with quality education and gives them the chance for a better future.

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SOS Bahini

SOS stands for “Save our Sisters”. “Bahini” is Nepalese and means “little sister”. In an integrated family concept with widows as house mothers the organisation takes care of girls from socially deprived families who are highly vulnerable to human trafficking, forced prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation. SOS Bahini protects and supports these girls through innovative and sustainable programmes.

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Rescue Foundation

Rescue Foundation is the leading organisation fighting against human trafficking and forced prostitution in India since 1997. Hundred thousands of girls and women are forced into prostitution under unimaginable conditions in the red light districts of India’s major cities. Rescue Foundation employees systematically search for victims of forced prostitution in the red light districts and carry out rescue operations together with the police. The rescued girls are taken to one of the four protection centres of the organisation, where they receive psycho-social counselling, medical care and legal support. With intensive training and educational programs the young women are prepared for their reintegration in society and empowered to live an independent and self-determined life.

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New Light

The mission of New Light is to promote gender equality through education and life skill training thereby reducing harm caused by violence and abuse of women and children. Since 2000, New Light has been working in Kolkata for children of women living in prostitution. The children, who grow up in the red light districts, often have to witness their mothers carrying out their work. They are exposed to strong social pressure and highly stigmatized. New Light operates a day and night care centre for these children, where they can learn, play and eat every day and every night.

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Chaithanya Mahila Mandali

Chaithanya Mahila Mandali (CMM) in Hyderabad has been working for women in prostitution and their children since 2001. The founder, Jayamma Bandari, who herself was forced into prostitution by her own husband, has made it her mission to help women who experience the same fate. Through its programmes, the organisation reaches over 3,200 vulnerable and disadvantaged children and over 3,900 women in Hyderabad who are forced into prostitution or have to make a living from prostitution. The aim of Chaithanya Mahila Mandali is to give the children of women in prostitution the opportunity and ability to lead an independent, dignified and self-defined life by providing them with supportive care and guidance, good education and vocational training.

Website of Chaithanya Mahila Mandali

Rights Jessore

Rights Jessore is one of the oldest and most recognised human rights organisations in Bangladesh and particularly committed to children’s and women’s rights. Through education in villages and schools as well as close cooperation with active interest groups, the organisation helps to ensure that women and children are informed about their rights and protected from the dangers of human trafficking, abuse and violence. Rights Jessore assists victims of violence, provides them with legal support and ensures that women and children affected by human trafficking are rescued, repatriated and reintegrated into society.

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Public relations is one of the core tasks of BONO-Direkthilfe in Germany. Through events and publications in the media, BONO reports on the exploitation of women and children and on the successes of our project partners in the work against human trafficking.