BONO Direct Aid

BONO Direct Aid is committed to the rights of children and women. The focus of our work is the fight against human trafficking and forced prostitution. Together with our partner organisations we support awareness, prevention, investigation, rescue and rehabilitation projects in the project countries.


The name “BONO” comes from the Latin word “bonum”, meaning “the good”. More important however is our approach of direct aid as we implement our support without any bureaucracy and directly to the people and projects, which are in need.

Our vision is to connect those who need help with benefactors who can provide it. In this way, we have created a strong and reliable network of direct aid, which constantly grows. To ensure our support reaches the targeted people, we only support projects and organisations, which we personally know and partner with.

We understand that effective solutions cannot be imposed from outside, they can only come from local organisations that are sensitive to the prevailing cultures and customs. Therefore we do not operate own projects abroad, rather we partner with carefully selected NGOs in our target countries.

BONO 100% Guarantee

BONO Direct Aid guarantees that 100% of your donation will be used for the projects of our partner organisations and our public relations work against human trafficking. All administrative costs are covered by membership fees, sponsors and the Foundation BONO Direct Aid.