BONO-Direkthilfe Philosophy

The name “BONO” goes back to the Latin word “bonum”, which means „the good“. BONO Direct Aid Association helps people who are in acute need and have no one to turn to.

BONO Direct Aid Association is fighting for children’s and women’s rights. The main focus of our work is the fight against human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Together with our partner organisations in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Germany we ensure that people in the project countries are saved, protected and informed about human trafficking. We also promote education of socially disadvantaged children and young people and do public relations work in Germany.

We only support projects that we know personally and thus guarantee direct and unbureaucratic help. BONO Direct Aid Association guarantees that 100% of every donation will reach the projects without any deduction. All administration costs are covered by membership fees, sponsors and our trust “Stiftung BONO-Direkthilfe”.

“All our commitment is worth it, when only a single girl is saved from beeing trafficked or rescued from forced prostitution.”
Triveni Acharya, president of the Rescue Foundation